Welcome to Keep Calm and Vote. We here at KC&V are all about the vote. Weather you want to see TONS of government in your life or prefer to stand on your roof at night with a shotgun to defend your property. Either way, you can use your one vote to make anything possible. To prove how passionate we are about voting, we not only made a website about it, we made t-shirts. These t-shirts allow you the opportunity to tell everyone what or whom you are voting for.

This year’s election is going to be a crazy one. Can anyone defeat Obama? Is the country ready to elect a Republican? So soon? Our guess is yes on all fronts. If any one candidate promises to pay for my gas, pitch in my softball league and give me Hubba Bubba chewing gum for my birthday…well, they certainly will have my vote!

As always, remember to Keep Calm and Vote!